Welcome to Quality Driving

The mission of the Driving School is to provide a quality traffic safety education program to beginning drivers of all ages.

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At Quality Driving Schools, traffic safety comes first.  All of our cars are selected for safety and good gas mileage.

A New Approach

Quality Driving is adopting a new approach to drivers education. We will be offering classes 2 or 3 days a week.

When students do the 7 week class they attend class just 2 times a week for 6 weeks one week they do 3 classes a week.  Students will do just one drive a week and this allows them alot o time to work on their driving skills. Driving is a lifetime skill.  Time is important. The 7 week class have more family time and time for sports or other activities.  This is an excellent class for parents and students with busy schedules.

Students who choose the 5 week schedule should do so when they need to finish class time in a hurry. We are able to finish classes quickly, and they do some of their drives after they complete the classes.

Do you ever wonder why we are so inexpensive? Quality Driving believes every student deserves the opportunity to take driver education no matter what the parent circumstances. We do not cut corners on the education of your teens. Quality Driving does an excellent job of teaching your student to drive. Where we do cut corners are on rent,( simpler less expensive buildings) the cars that we use, which are ( Gas Savers). We offer 6 drives in the car, which gives the student an excellent opportunity to experience the real world. The Simulator that other schools use we incorporate in the lesson and so they do not even miss out on that.

Quality Instructors

Instructors are fully certified, patient, and have many years of experience.

Student DriverGoing the Extra Mile

Quality Driving teaches the driving skills, Parents must practice the skill.

Students need 50 hours behind the wheel before they can get license. 40 daytime and 10 nightine.

Homework assignments of 15 minutes of daily driving are required for students to gain the skill level needed to pass.

Students need to schedule drives in class.

Extra classes can be taken before taking the written test at DOL to help prepare students for the written test.

Additional drives may be added to the class for a small fee.