Quality Driving of West Richland




 Monday at 3:30 -5:30 

Sat 11:30-1:30 pm WALK IN BASIS

New 40 question test to begin on Augusr 15

practice test at DMV.WA.GOV.  Write written test in search bar.

PRICE:  Written test:$30  Drive Test $35

We use our Cell phone At. 509 -521-0812 

Deposit of $50 to get confirmation number.

Class Information:    call 509-734-9117

 COST; $389 if paid in full     PAYMENT $410

$150 down and 4 months to pay remainder of cost.

Total cost will be $410 If not paid in the

4 months we will add $10 to cost of

class weekly .  Students need to be

fully paid before any testing can be

done.Cost of payment $410

Check, Credit card or Cash

Sign up on phone please. Call 734-9117

Price is less  than pay pal if paid at office

Phone Book has wrong phone number

call 509-734-9117

Quality Driving has been approved to do the DOL

testing  in our classrooms.  Students need to study

for the written test. Students need to have

completed all of the classes and drives and paid for

the entire class, before applying to do written test

or drive tests..80% passing grade. Our price

includes the testing as part of the program. They are eligible

for one written one drive with class.

Tests will be given on  days given above.

Quality Driving will offer classes 3 times

a week for the fall/ winter sessions. .

 A notebook and a writing tool is needed

when you come to class.

Check list of things to do to finish drivers education class

  1. Permit up to 10 days early
  2. To get Permit go to dol.wa.gov at home page   join now
  3. Text 12 digit number to 509-521-0812
  4. Completed 30 hours of class and written test
  5. Completed 6 hours of driving
  6. Completed 1 observation
  7. Paid all money owed including fines
  1. Taken DOL Written test. $30
  2. Taken DOL Skills test( Drive $35



We need your help for your student to be sucessful. Students need to practice.

Parent Meetings mandatory!  We will be holding Parent MeetingS at 5:30  after class or before class.

If you sign up on the internet, a class will be held for you.  You can call to set up an appointment to do paperwork or go to forms and fill out and bring to class. Cheaper on first day at class.


Check Schedule on the right

Make up’s can be done before the class is over.

Make ups do not cost extra

If you pay with pay pal please put in your class start date in the comment section. No refunds given  Payment at Driving School Cheaper.

Click here to pay.


6 one hour drives.
Schedule each week to complete by end of course.
Student needs a lot of practice during the 5- 7 weeks of class in order to pass all elements and be ready to do final drive.  Parents need to plan on practicing with each student at least 20 minutes a day.
Drives are scheduled in class.The Student can pick their own time and date of drive. 
4 hours of observation needed.  This is when a student rides in the back seat of the car and watches and listens to the instructor. Student needs to do something every week, till class is done.

Quality Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone!

*Quality Driving is trying to achieve great drivers. We have limited space in classes. Parents and students who do not have the time to take this course seriously will need to wait until they are ready to do the work involved.


4602 Kennedy Rd.
West Richland, WA 99353

PHONE: (509) 734-9117
texting 509-521-0812

Dates for new classes

3/1 parent meeting

Quality Driving does 15 lessons.  We now do State Testing on scheduled days for testing  All money needs to be paid before any testing can begin and a student has to have completed all classes and drives to apply..  Go to dol.wa.gov to pre-apply.