Quality Driving of Othello

Class Information  PHONE: 509-331-6221  Text  509-521-0812

Quality Driving School is an official Testing site for both Written and Driving Tests by appointment only!   Written test $20  Drive Test  $25

Quality Driving School has been in business for 13 years and has a great reputation for service to the students and the community.  Our Schedules are flexible and if you need a certain time feel free to call and talk to us.

Quality Driving is please to teach your students Driving Excellence.  We strive to help each student.  We are able to do the Written test for DOL as our final.  Students need to pass the test the first time, or they will still go to DOL.for written test. We hold 15 complete lessons and lesson 16 is the test for DOL.  We go the extra mile to encourage you student to be excellent driver for the rest of their life.

A notebook and a writing tool is needed when you come to class. Students need to study the Drivers Guide Book and their notes before taking the final. The work on the Drivers Guide book needs to be completed before lesson 15 or Student will not be able to take DOL  test.

Do you ever wonder why we are so inexpensive? Quality Driving believes every student deserves the opportunity to take driver education no matter what the parent circumstances. We do not cut corners on the education of your teens. Quality Driving does an excellent job of teaching your student to drive. Where we do cut corners are on rent,( simpler less expensive buildings) the cars that we use, which are ( Gas Savers). We offer 6 drives in the car, which gives the student an excellent opportunity to experience the real world. The Simulator that other schools use we incorporate in the lesson and so they do not even miss out on that.  We dont charge extra fees for things that the parent has no control over  (such as restarts).

Study, study, study. is the moto for the student to pass the written test.

Parent Meeting

Parent meetings are mandatory. We will hold them on first day of class 1/2 hour before class and students are encouraged to wait that first 1/2 hour to come to class..

Make ups

When a student misses a class they need to make that class up.  We will be holding all makeups in Othello.  Students will check with the teacher to see when that can be done.  We encourage students not to miss classes as the written test may not be able to be taken.


Quality Driving is only holding 5 week classes for the school season ,

Cost -   Summer Special   $345

                 $370 Payment price

Accept Cash, Check, or Credit

Visa and Master Card, Discover

If you pay the payment plan the cost is $370    $150 down, and the remainder in number of  payments you choose.  Payments complete by 3 months or $50 added weekly

State Test costs

Former student $25   $20 for written  $25 for drive  Must be Pre-applied. Each time test costs.

Call for information and current specials.

Pay at the office to save money.

Click here to pay.


The student will participate in:
6 – 1 hour drive sessions
1 – 6 hours of observation (when student rides in the back seat of the car and watches and listens to the instructor).

Schedule drive times around instructors schedule and your own schedule.  Schedule drives in class;  Students use Quality Driving’s car.

Drives are tests and students MUST PASS all elements in order to move forward in class.

445 East Cedar Blvd.
Othello, WA 99344

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 2486
Pasco Wa 99302

Phone:(509) 331-6221

Dates for new classes

Quality Driving gives 15 lessons.  When Student is done with the class and drives they can then do the State Written and Drive test.  They do not have to wait until elegable to get Drivers license but they do need to pre-apply on line at dol.wa.gov.  ? Call we will walk you through.