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1337-C George Washington Way

Richland, WA 99352

Phone: (509) 491-3443
Text:(509) 734-9117

Office open only for the Department of Licensing testing. Tests are by appointment only!


* The price shown below is if paid in full.

Date:Day:Time:Platform:Cost In Full:Cost with Payments:
October 30, 2023 - November 30, 2023
Mon, Wed, Thur6:00-8:00Zoom$500$530
January 15, 2024 - Febuary 14 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
Febuary 19 2024 - March 20 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
April 8t 2024 - May 8 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
May 20 2024 - June 20 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
July 1 2024 - August 5 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
August 12 2024 - September 12 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
September 23 2024 - October 23 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560
November 4 2024 - December 5 2024Monday, Wednesday, Thursday4:00-6:00Zoom$530$560

Class Information

* This location is by appointment only for any questions or scheduling, please call (509)491-3443

Quality Driving has been approved to do the DOL testing in our classrooms. Students need to study for the written test. Students also need to have completely paid all fees and fines before applying to do the written test or the drive tests. 80% is the minimum passing grade. Our price includes one try at each the written and the drive test as part of the program. Tests will be given on a special day.

Quality Driving will offer classes 3 times  a week for the fall/winter sessions.

Quality Driving gives 15 lessons, and 6 hours of driving,  When everything is paid for including fines, then they can take the state testing which is paid for with the class.

A notebook and a writing tool is needed when you come to class.


Help lead your student to success by spending at least 1 hour per week on at-home, behind-the-wheel drive practice.

A parent or legal guardian must attend a parent meeting on the first day of their student’s course.

Driver’s Ed Graduation Check List

You have 4 months to complete the following:

✔ Complete 30 hours of classes

✔ Complete 6 drives with a licensed instructor

✔ Pay all balances and/or fees

✔ Take and pass the DOL written test with 80% or higher

✔ Take and pass the DOL drive test with 80% or higher

Quality Driving reserves the right to refuse service to anyone


There are 6 class drives that need to be completed. Each drive is 1 hour long. We recommend that students start calling to schedule the second week of class. Call 509-491-3443 to schedule. The Student can pick their own time and date of drive. A student needs a lot of practice during the 5 – 7 weeks of class in order to pass all elements and be ready to do the final drive; parents need to plan on practicing with their student at least 20 minutes a day.

Quality Driving Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone!

*Note: Quality Driving is trying to achieve great drivers. We have limited space in our classes. Parents and students who do not have the time to take this course seriously will need to wait until they are ready to do the work involved.


$500 one-time payment

$530 installment payments

If paying in full at the time of registration, it is $500. If you pay in installments the initial down is $200 with $330 remaining. You have 4 months to pay that remaining off.

Once a permit has been obtained, there will be no refunds.

Quality Driving has been approved to do Department of Licensing (DOL)  testing in our classrooms. Students must have all fees and class balances paid before state testing can be done. The course consists of fifteen 2-hour classes, three days each week, as well as 6 drives with an instructor.

*All tests must be passed with an 80% or higher. One free state written test and one free state drive are included in the price of your class. If you have failed your first attempt or were not a student the state written is $30 and state drive is $40.

DOL Testing by appointment ONLY

Please Call :509-491-3443

The written test is 40 question. Study the drivers guide book.

To Get Permit Number

  1. Call to confirm details BEFORE going to the DOL office
  2. Go to Dol.Wa.Gov
  3. Go to Washington State Home Page
  4. Click on Orange Lettering “Get Drivers License”
  5. Click on “Steps to get you first license”
  6. Click on “Teens 16-17 years old” or “18 years old and over”. (Whichever applies to you)
  7.  Pre-apply Click #3
  8. Fill out Form
  9. Enter you E-mail and when you get your WDL number back text it to Quality Driving at (509) 734-9117

Occasionally it will say we cannot give you number as you are already in the system. This means you have a number on an ID card somewhere. You will need to find your WA State ID or call the DOL for that information.

Makeup tests can be done before the class is over and do not cost extra. 

Classes may change due to weather and teacher’s availability. Will notify if there is a change.

Contact us today to sign up for classes