Adults must have a permit before scheduling drives with our instructors.

Steps to obtain a permit (if you do not already have a Washington Id):

  1. Go to DOL.WA.GOV
  2. Under Drivers, click get a drivers license
  3.  Click steps to getting your first license
  4. Click Instruction Permits
  5. Click Log in or Join
  6. Click (Join Now!), and make an account
  7. Confirm your account information
  8. After you get a confirmation code, hit continue
  9. you should see your license number. It should Start with WDL write it down or print it out.

If you have your Washington id , or your License number:

You must pass a State Written Test

Please call (509)491-3443 to schedule a written test at a time and location convenient for you.

Adult Packages:

Before Permit is obtained: $ 430


  • 6 (1 hrs. long) Drives
  • 1 State Written Test
  • 1 State Drive Test

If Permit is already obtained: $410


  • 6 (1 hrs. long) Drives
  • 1 State Drive Test

Call (509)491-3443 to schedule Practice drives with our instructor

We will do our best to work with your schedule for driving lessons.

We charge $60 an hour for individual drives by appointment only, whether we pick you up from home or you come to the our office.

On the first drive the instructor will do an evaluation; to inform you what they think you need help on. Then they will give you an estimate of how many drives with a license instructor you may need.

Practice is the key to success.

Contact us today to sign up for classes