Age Requirement

Students have to be at least 15 years old before entering drivers education. We give the DOL tests Monday-Saturday. See specific location for exact days and times. Quality Driving is closed on Sundays.  New 40 question written test starts on August 15.

Student needs at least 80% in order to pass the test.

Confirmation Number

The student will need an Official Confirmation number from online to get a permit at age 15, when enrolled in Traffic Safety Class. This number cannot be entered before a student is 15.  Student can not get permit any earlier than 10 days prior to class start date. All paperwork can be done on the day a student starts the class.

For the Department of Licensing to Receive Permit

  • Birth Certificate
  • Confirmation number
  • $25 Fee
  • Student must be present!

Quality Driving School Contract of Policies and Procedures

This form must be signed by the student and a parent or legal guardian to participate in Quality Driving School classes.


If more than 3 classes are missed, the student must start over.  If the first 2 classes are missed, the student must wait for another 5-7 week session to start. A student needs to do something every week.  Such as drive and observation or class or drive.


The student will participate in:
6 one hour drives
4 hours of observation (when student rides in the back seat of the car and watches and listens to the instructor)

Schedule drive times around instructors schedule and your own schedule.  Schedule drives in class.

Drives are tests and students MUST PASS all elements in order to move forward in class.


Test must be passed with 80% or higher. All class work must be completed to take this test.  This is not the DOL Written Exam. When all Course work is done a course completion will be entered into the DOL Portal so when picking up License it is all in there for your convenience.

Drives have to be completed before information entered in the DOL Portal


Students come in to one of the locations and take both Written and Drive tests for the DOL.  Passing grade of 80% needed to continue.  Students have paid for one attempt at each exam with cost of the class. Study at dol.wa.gov/tests. Studying is strongly encouraged.

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